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Bright Side® is the world’s only behavioral strategy company.  For over 30 years, the company has partnered with leading businesses and organizations across the globe to deliver results in environments of change.

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 Procter & Gamble:  Safety at Pringles

Picture This…

Safety should not be a robotic process, no matter how advanced the robot.  Bright Side worked with P&G’s Pringles Plant Leadership Team to develop this metaphor that describes the plant’s current state, desired future state, and the gap between, to engage all plant employees in re-aligning their safety behaviors.  >> read more


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Change is often painful, unpleasant, disruptive, exhausting and/or scary. To combat this, Bright Side has developed a solid, disciplined and customizable foundation rooted in behavioral scientific method and best practices, as well as proven experience in the application of these principles in the work environment.


 The Bright Side Transformational Model


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We’re not talking process, here.  You know your processes.  You know what  to do. You’ve set objectives for your lines of business, your teams and the individuals in your organization.  Let’s talk about how to act.  Let’s talk about balance.

The Bright Side Approach explicitly and intentionally expands the traditional practice of strategy – It is not just about WHAT but also HOW.

>> How is observable. It is something that you can see, hear, experience.

>> How is self-regenerating. It becomes infused in your daily routine. It gives you a sustainable and replicable culture that results in a true         competitive advantage.

>> How is the behavioral strategy that accelerates what you need to achieve.

Other companies ask What.  Bright Side illuminates and shows you the How.

What makes Bright Side different is our ability to move quickly from theoretical to applied science. We apply behavioral strategies to hit specific business targets. Put simply, it is all about creating IMPACT.

The Six Principles of Behavioral Strategy

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At Bright Side, we put behavioral science to work to enable your leaders to demonstrate, practice and infuse the six principles in your organization in ways that produce measurable results. The Outcome – CULTURE CHANGE.

We are catalysts. We attach to your current business challenge and apply our methodologies to increase your own learnings for navigating through change. As catalysts, we accelerate the development of your capabilities regardless of the type or level of the transformation.

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Bright Side pioneered the behavioral strategy process, methodology and tools for applying behavioral science to business strategies. And we are still innovating leaders in our field.

Reorganization Efficiency Innovation Quality Mergers and Acquisitions Safety Growth Wellness

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Joyce A. Friel

With more than 30 years of practical as a vision leader, Friel’s enthusiasm for building capability in individuals and organizations shines through her energy and commitment.  She passionately leads improvement in the “soft stuff” resulting in “hard stuff,” with a bottom line: transformation and improvement.  >> read more

Margaret R. Walker

Margaret R. Walker was named Vice President of Dow Engineering and Technology in 2004 and is the executive charged with deploying differentiated performance in capital delivery across all geographies and investments.  >> read more               

Vanessa J. Evans

With vast experience in both consumer and medical markets, Vanessa J. Evans is currently consulting on building global customer relationships, improving and designing business processes to drive growth and profitability, leadership sustainability and building brand and company cross-functional business plans. >> read more       

Vivian K. Kist

If executive coaching is about helping people achieve previously unattainable levels of excellence in their chosen career paths, then meet Executive Coach, Vivian Kist, who has walked a mile or two down those same paths, making all the difference.  >> read more

Katarzyna Mika

Katarzyna Mika is a dynamic, highly analytical Scientific Consultant for leadership development. She gained her unique broad experience having worked in multifarious environments – among leadership teams, individuals, public media leaders, academic students, clinical patients, professional sportsmen.>> read more

Susan Pilch

Susan Pilch is a highly proactive, dynamic expert in multicultural relationships and studies. Her field of expertise covers both business and culture and this is precisely that union that marks her work with Bright Side. She believes that the uniqueness of each and every culture is and should be reflected in the business approach, and she puts this maxime forward in every project she has been a part of. Susan considers awareness and communication to be the cornerstone of both professional and personal evolution.>> read more


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Published Papers, Research and Articles

Leading with Quiet Confidence

Next door to me, two very large dogs – with questionable origins – spend their days traveling the perimeter of the 2-plus acres of their owner’s property, making it clear to passers-by the border of their domain.  >> read more 

101 Ways to Power Up Your Job Search

101 Ways to Power Up Your Job Search fits the model for a power-based performance support system.  In fact, once it gets loaded onto the internet with some HTML capabilities, it most likely will be the Bible for job seekers.  It provides just what you need, just when you need it, in just the right amount.  >> read more

Why is Training and Development So Important for Employee Retention?

What do employees want?  Why is there such a high turnover rate among skilled workers? In today’s labor market, these are questions every business–yours included–must ask itself. Workers are the most important element of any business; they must be retained, and happily so, in order for the business to remain competitive.  >> read more     

The Janus Role: A Facile Requirement for Today’s Leaders

Within organizations that use teams for enhanced performance, the manager’s role is evolving.  It’s evolving in support of teams and an empowered work environment.  We choose to use the sponsor role to differentiate the evolution.  >> read more

Building Your Bright Side

by Donna Rae Smith

An energizing and barrier-breaking approach to professional and personal productivity!

Based on the author’s immensely successful corporate seminar program, Building Your Bright Side, outlines a workable plan for reaching the creative child within each of us as a key to unlocking our full potential.



The Power of Building Your Bright Side

by Donna Rae Smith

Donna Rae Smith – pioneer, business visionary, change-maker – challenges you to discover The Power of Building Your Bright Side.  In this breakthrough book, she shares with you the rejuvenating concepts that have transformed the dynamic business heroes of America.


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Should we "play nice" at work?

Bright Side® is The Behavioral Strategy Company. For over 25 years, Bright Side, Inc. has partnered with leaders of companies across the globe to transform and build sustainable organizational cultures.

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We are ready to meet you where you are and engage you in Bright Side’s proven approach to sustainable, leader-led, transformational change. To get you where you want to go as an organization, we will customize our approach, proprietary methodologies and processes for you.

Regardless of how we get started, our results are impressive. 30 years of client success is proof. We can do the same for you.

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We invite you to learn more about Bright Side’s capability to laser focus on the behavioral strategies that accelerate your organization’s business systems. Please feel free to contact any of our partners with your questions.


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