Vivian K. Kist - MSODA, M.B.A.

If executive coaching is about helping people achieve previously unattainable levels of excellence in their chosen career paths, then the executive coach that’s walked a mile or two down those same paths can make all the difference. Vivian Kist brings more than 20 years of management, leadership and coaching experience that spans the business spectrum.

Vivian has worked in the legal, automotive, manufacturing, construction, education and utilities business sectors. She has functional work experience in human resources, technology, procurement, strategic business planning and customer service. She has been both a successful corporate executive and entrepreneur. She is book smart – a master’s degree in Organizational Development and Analysis from Case Western Reserve University and an MBA from Xavier University – and she’s street smart, serving most recently as National Director of Human Resources at Thompson Hine LLP, one of the largest business law firms in the United States.

Vivian uses that diverse industry, educational and practical background as the foundation for a dynamic consulting and coaching practice. The goal? Improve business results, minimize turnover, increase productivity while helping organizations achieve goals and objectives. The process? Guide emerging leaders through critical development issues, help senior leaders ensure their success by building on strengths to overcome weaknesses and support management personnel as they modify behaviors to proactively deal with change.

As a Human Resources Director, Vivian gained keen insights into the culture and leadership of organizations, leading strategic initiatives that directly impacted productivity, employee satisfaction and the bottom line. Successful management/operations roles at Centerior Energy, Ford Motor Company and Fab Form taught her the importance of bringing a service and entrepreneurial approach to her responsibilities as a leader.

Vivian holds the Xavier Executive Coaching Certification from Xavier University and is certified to interpret the Chally, The Birkman, and the multiple 360-degree assessments in the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) Assessment Suite. These 360-degree assessments include Benchmarks, 360 By Design, Executive Dimensions and Prospector. She is a graduate of the Dale Carnegie Course for Effective Communications and Human Relations, where she won the prestigious Highest Achievement Award. She is a member of The Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM) and the Greater Cincinnati American Society for Training and Development (GCASTD). She serves on the Advisory Board for WellCorp and is an active volunteer for the Alzheimer’s Association of Cincinnati. Vivian is also an adjunct professor in the MBA program at Northern Kentucky University and assisted the College of Business in acquiring a grant to better prepare undergraduates for successful business careers.

Executive coaching is indeed about helping people achieve previously unattainable levels of excellence in their chosen career paths. And there are few better guides than Vivian Kist to help navigate that journey.