Susan Pilch - Bright Side Associate, Spain

Susan Pilch is a highly proactive, dynamic expert in multicultural relationships and studies. Her field of expertise covers both business and culture and this is precisely that union that marks her work with Bright Side. She believes that the uniqueness of each and every culture is and should be reflected in the business approach, and she puts this maxime forward in every project she has been a part of. Susan considers awareness and communication to be the cornerstone of both professional and personal evolution.

Being a fully trained professional musician herself, she attributes a great value to the artistic expression as a marker of cultural identity. Susan developed part of her studies at the Jagiellonian University (Cracow, Poland) attending the courses of Knowledge about Culture, getting a profound and full view of the importance of international communication in both business and cultural activities.

Selected afterwards for EU Funded project dedicated to European Heritage and Camino de Santiago in Spain, she had a chance to put in practice her studies and interests in international collaboration and project making in the european environment.

Graduated from UNED (Spain) in English Language, Literature and Culture, she worked as the consultant for international markets in several Spanish companies in Madrid and Burgos, where she was granted with different projects and responsibilities as the expert in business culture and communication.

In Bright Side Susan offers her interpersonal skills and experience at the service of her clients, employing her multicultural background in the creation of personal and team leader development programmes, focusing on obtaining substantial behavioral change in the atmosphere of communication and dialogue. Her deep knowledge of the business structures in different european countries, their specifics and particularities, gives Susan a strong position as an expert in the processes of change and transformation realised on the international level. Her highly proactive and developed communication in four languages (English, Polish, Spanish and Italian), as well as the profound knowledge of the business world of those countries, helps her to understand and embrace the highly demanding tasks undertaken as the Bright Side’s Organizational Coach.